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Hey y'all, I’m

Kayce Clark

Actor / Speaker / Author


About Me

Hey y'all and welcome! My name is Kayce Clark and I'm thrilled you've stopped by my page. Feel free to explore and reach out to connect with me! I'd love to chat with you and maybe collaborate on a project or two. 


Let me fill you in on a little about me. I was born in Hendersonville, TN but as the saying goes, " I wasn’t born in Texas but got there as quick as I could”. As a child I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and to be loved and cared for by my huge and crazy family. I grew up loving the Fine Arts, all things girly and Gene Kelly (a bit of an obsession really).


After high school I went on to study Theatre Performance and History at Louisiana College and graduated with my BA in 2004.  After working for several years in theatre and teaching theatre, I took a bit of a turn career-wise and tried my hand at law school....because, why not? Who doesn't' love hours in a law library. :)


Once my sons started coming along I retired from a full time career to be a stay at home mom. Those years were so rewarding and SO hard, but I am so thankful I was able to spend that time with my boys. Amidst the chaos of 3 boys, all 18 months apart, I was able to still tap into my creative roots by getting involved in community theatre and writing. I had spent many years in the theatre so that was my comfort zone, and writing had always been a hobby of mine and quickly became a new favorite way to express my thoughts and ideas. As my boys grew older and needed less of my time, I found myself spending even more time with writing, acting, directing and speaking. As a woman who has enjoyed 4 completely different careers, moved over 30 times in my life, lived in 7 states and 2 countries; I found no shortage of material and life experiences to pull from. 

Currently, I live in Magnolia, Texas, a suburb of Houston, with my husband, three young sons and our slew of pets. I am very active in our church and community theatre and in my spare time I can usually be found perusing a shopping area or simply hanging out with my family. I love history, reading, and travel and am likely planning a new trip as we speak.



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